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Chicago Face Painting & Body Art

One Stroke Rose Body Art

So Many Face & Body Art Choices!

We have THOUSANDS of design choices. Seriously. We have designs for every occasion big and small, and customize our menu for each event to provide maximum value for your money. Our designs can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours depending on the needs of each client.

Cheek Art Designs

Cheek art is a funny thing. A small design can take as long as an elaborate full face just due to the details involved. We don't offer the "basic" stuff such as hearts and stars. Just because it's cheek art, doesn't mean it's not supposed to be art.

Quick Eye Designs

Our quick eye designs are our most popular choice for large events and events with adults and teenagers. They are VERY fast and look like they take much more time to paint than they actually do. We offer these at every event and they are always a huge hit.

Half Face Designs

Half face designs are great for messy children. Normally they exclude the area around the mouth so they don't smear the design when they eat. They take a little longer than the quick eye designs, but are still a fast option; especially for girls who love to be fairies, princesses and butterflies or little boys who just have to be a super heros, zombies and pirates.

Full Face Designs

Full face designs allow your artist to really play and create something remarkable. They take the longest on average, but the look on a child's face when they are completely transformed just brings a smile to your face, especially when they start acting out the design for you.

Body Art Designs

What is body art? What do you want it to be? We can do anything from simple roses to jewelry, corsets, pregnant belly paintings and full body designs. Your only limit is your imagination.