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Chicago Face Painting & Body Art

Princess Face Painting

We have hundreds of uniquely creative face painting designs to choose from. We offer everything from quick Cheek Art and Eye Designs to elaborate Full Faces and Body Painting.

Beard Face Painting

Simply use soap and water to clean off face paints. Do NOT use baby wipes as they can cause skin reactions.

Pricing and Minimums

It is not possible to have one quote for every party. Each client is different and has unique needs. That said here are some basic rates to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. For a specific quote, please contact us.

$150 - One Hour of Face Painting
$215 - 90 Minutes
$250 - Two Hours
$125 - Each Additional Hour

We are happy to travel, however the basic booking rule is that our artists must be booked to paint for at least as long as it takes to drive to and from the event, set up and clean up. Most areas in Chicago as well as the immediate northern suburbs require a 2 hour booking. Western, southern and south west suburbs may require more time.

What are you paying for?

You are paying for an insured professionally trained artist to paint high quality designs on your guests. You are paying for professional quality cosmetics and glitters that are designed to be used on the skin and wash off easily.

We do NOT use poster paints or craft glitter. NEVER allow any face painter to use these on your guests. They are not safe for the skin and can cause serious reactions, including rashes, blisters and eye injury.

Only the BEST!

Chicago Face Painters only works with the very BEST artists Chicago has to offer. When we need additional artists for an event, or when we refer you to another artist due a scheduling conflict, we only use artists who meet the above criteria. No exceptions.